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Where Do You Fit In H.O.M.E.’s Client Profile?

  • Average age is 79-years-old
  • Average income is $18,000 a year
  • Average credit card debt is $10,500
  • Average home value is $260,000
  • 77% are single elderly women
  • 78% live in a mortgaged property
  • They have little or no savings
  • Their home is their only asset
  • 65% are in jeopardy of losing their home to foreclosure, healthcare expenses, overwhelming debt, etc.

Do you or someone you know qualify?

Yes, if the following guidelines are met:

  1. Massachusetts homeowner with only one residence
  2. 60 years of age or older (50 if in jeopardy of losing your home)
  3. Annual income less than $30,000 individual / $40,000 couple

Some of H.O.M.E.'s Current Credentials:

  • Chapter 206, sole statewide elder homeowner Foreclosure Prevention Center
  • Office of the Attorney General Crisis Response Innovation grantee under the HomeCorps program
  • H.U.D. certified Comprehensive Counseling Agency (HECM roster counseling agency)
  • Mass. Bar Association 8-year grantee regarding elder displacement prevention


Elder Homeowner Protection Since 1984

Free and totally confidential...800-583-5337



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